Monument of Mother Mary From Where Everything Began ... ...
The Official Logo of Notre Dame Science Club
Traditional Volunteer Reporting at the Time of Annual Science Fair
A Glimpse of the Selection Exam for BAS Olympiad
The Place of Beginning Our Dream ... ...
A Moment From the Workshop on 'Designing' Arranged by NDSC
Volunteers Along With the Executives at BAS Olympiad 2017
Inauguration Ceremony of BAS Olympiad 2017
Top News:
The orientation ceremony of the freshers of Notre Dame Science Club wIll be held on 20th July
BAS Olympiad 2017 was arranged successfully by Notre Dame Science Club

Welcome To Notre Dame Science Club

Notre Dame Science Club (NDSC), the first science club of Indian sub-continent and a compelling part of Notre Dame College's proud history, started its journey on 18th September, 1955 A.D. Founded by “The Magsaysay” award winner, eminent biologist and former principal Fr. Richard William Timm, C.S.C., NDSC has been spreading the light of science and awareness among the youth with the motto "Science In Human Welfare".