A Diary Of The Young Talents

Time's Illusion

Mukarra-Bin Haque Nibir


'Seeing is believing' - this term is quite perpetual to me. Often while changing its form in English exams; I ask myself, 'Do we really believe all that we see? Always?'
Perhaps you're getting a bad impression on me. You might think like, What's with the Philosophy? Still I reckon to start with the philosophical agenda. If you don't get it, then you avoid my article saying, Uh! What's this? The guy's drunk...
Science has different domains of criteria in correspondence with our thoughts. It's quite similar with philosophy only in this aspect.
Time & tide waits for none - as we all know from chalk boards. So, time, a quadrant, is said to be an independence entity. But, what if time can be stopped; could we recall our lost time?
A passenger inside a running train threw a ball upwards & the bus being in uniform velocity, the ball reached to his hand safely - simple Newtonian talks. Now, suppose a guy standing in a platform watched the incident. It would seem to him that at a phase of time, the ball was thrown & in another, it was caught. As we know light rays from it comes to our eyes. When the guy saw the first phase, it had already happened. So, when the eyes of the passenger was notifying the first phase, it was not for the guy in the platform. Then, what actually was the time of incident? Was the passenger seeing the platform guy earlier than he was normally about to? Which phase of time should be considered. Huh! You guess.
The time that I considered was quite fraction of the MKS one. If a photon (a quantum unit) is released in between two reflecting surfaces, then the time it gets reflected from one & gets back to the initial point, the total time duration (some what> 593ns). That specific time is taken as unit.
Space journey fascinates many of us. To me, the fascination is more about the astronauts than the shuttle. I once heard that they get more old than they normally would have been! This thing fascinated me. Obviously, every child wants to grow up soon. So, did I when I heard it. Well, I have no idea about it, perhaps some hours in internet might help my mind. But, again fascination grew, what if they really wore??! Did they travelled time?!!
Remember the train incident? If you guessed the same as I did, then both the cases are similar. Remember Escape Velocity of the Earth (i.e. if a body is thrown vertically upward with a velocity of 11.2 km/s , then it'll never come back to the earth). So, the shuttle is moving with a high velocity. Then obviously the guy will see everything before the earthlings. If so, then at a phase of time, won't he see the Earth as it was before years ago/after years? Then? Is he travelling time at the same phase of time? Suppose the name of the guy is Henry. Can Henry see his past/future? His childhood version/his old wrecked back? If so, then who is he watching? Because, to him, he isn't there in the earth. Would he believe what he's seeing now? Why not? Isn't seeing believing?
I'll end up my 'foul talk' with another example. In our childhood, wasn't it like the days were very long?
Obviously in practical sense. And now, don't you feel like, Time is running away (boring language classes can be granted as exception). Unless you're lazy as AF!!! You'll be astonished to realize that in our consciousness, time is different in perception. For a child of 5 years, a year is like one fifth of his whole life. On the contrary, for us it's like one-eighteenth part. And that's the reason why such difference in perception is noticed.
Now if you're a logical guy, then you might appeal as time's constant, but it's the difference of perception that is creating the confusion. I too agree that, but it's the difference of perception that is creating the confusion. I too agree that, IT'S THE TIME WHEN YOUR PERCEPTION INDICATE THAT IT'S TIME. Then tell me, WHICH ONE WOULD YOU LISTEN WHEN YOU HAVE CONTROVERSIAL PERCEPTIONS!!
Think. Perhaps the special phase of time your reading my article might took place a few fraction of seconds ago, you may be in the past!!! It can be. Or shall I appeal, It may?!!
It's all illusion. Like the world is.