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Activities throughout the year

On the 18th September, 1955 A.D. Notre Dame Science Club was established as the the first ever institution for informal Science Education in the country. The founder was world famous Zoologist Fr. Richard W. Timm. C.S.C. The aim was to spread the benefits of science among the general youth & mass of the whole country.

From the very beginning Notre Dame Science Club is operating annual talent-search program in Notre Dame Community. Holding paper presentation on proper occasions. Organizing inquisitive science projects in or outside the prescribed curriculam in order to encourage creative endeavors. Organizing Science Fairs on appropriate occasion. Publishing Science Periodicals, Wall papers, Wall Magazines, Web-Magazines. The club has installed Science Colloquium Lecture Forum where Guest lecturers, Faculty Teachers, Club members deliver speech on science topics. Organizing Inter College General Knowledge Competition. Besides these, Notre Dame Science Club organized a live show titled as “Elucidation Hour” during Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.