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“Science in human welfare”

Notre Dame Science Club, also known as NDSC, the most promising, versatile and distinguished co-curricular activities club of Notre Dame College, began its inception in 1955, to promote the zeal of science among the students. It is the pioneer of Science Clubs in the Sub-Continent. ‘Science In Human Welfare’ holding this noble motto, the eminent scientist Fr.R.W. Timm C.S.C, inaugurated the flag of NDSC.

Being the oldest and the most renowned science club, NDSC has a long tradition of encouraging its followers to discover their latent zeal for science. NDSC gives the necessary guidelines and it’s the pathfinder in [spreading] scientific awareness among the pupils.Science, with its own enigma, is expected to enlighten the heart of the students, being led by this glorious church of knowledge. We do culture the science and ignite the quest to know the unknown, touch the untouched and see the unseen. For the last few decades, NDSC has turned into the most prominent institution to organize numerous science fairs, the ultimate platform which facilitates the demonstration of the science projects by the students. These fairs have inspired the students to a great extent to nourish their interest and quench the thirst to show their excellences.

Besides, the various Olympiads and competitions have also brought the very best of the pupils and have provided the momentum to research for advanced knowledge, other than the plain bookish knowledge. The official quiz teams of Notre Dame Science Club -the “NDC Blue” “NDC Green” & “NDC Gold” are the prestigious platforms for the quizzers; who are working relentlessly to uphold the glory of quizzing.

Numerous prizes have been won by the teams; which has brought undefined glory for our institution. Besides, every year, distinguished members of Notre Dame Science Club participate in international science fairs organized in various countries and brings testimony to the institution. Notre Dame Science Club has earned profound respect in the international arena, by the meritorious performance of its fellows. Run by the experienced and eloquent moderators, NDSC will be the pioneer in our movement of science and will upgrade the noble cause of promoting science in every sphere of our life.

Executive Committee 2020-2021

Roktim 5

Shahil Mahmud Roktim

General Secretary

Sotirtho Saha Protya

President (Administration)

Mohammad Riadul Islam

President (Project)

Taz A Adnan Khan

President (Publication)

Partho Protim

President (L.W.S)

Md. Adnan Rahman

President (ICT)
A.H.M. Nafis Uz Zaman 12102087

A.H.M Nafisuzzaman

Associate General Secretary

Shaharier Evan

Senior Vice President
Nirupam 12103104

Nirupam Debnath

Vice President (Project)

Gazi Amanul Hoque

Vice President (Publication)

Fahim Torongo

Vice President (LWS)

Md. Samiul Islam Rifat

Vice President (ICT)