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    1. Photo( Please submit a formal photo)
      Note: If your response has not been submitted showing any error message due to technical difficulties, please refresh the page and fill out the form again by skipping this field. Your photo will be collected later.
    2. Payment Method
      Method-1: Using Rocket App
      Step-1: Log in through rocket app entering four digit pin.
      Step-2: Press bill pay option on the app.
      Step-3: Enter the biller id "1950"
      Step-4: After entering biller id, select "Notre Dame College_Clubs"
      Step-5: Enter your college roll no., Enter the club name (NDSC) , Input "self" or "other" and Enter the amount ( 150/= BDT)
      Step-6: Enter your 4 digit pin and press "CONFIRM" button to complete the

      Method-2: Using USSD menu
      Screen-1: Dial *322#
      Screen-2: Select "1" for own payment and "2" for payment of someone else.
      Screen-3: Enter mobile number if you choose "2" on screen-2.
      Screen-4: Select "0".
      Screen-5: Enter biller id: "1950".
      Screen-6: Enter your college roll number.
      Screen-7: Enter club name: "NDSC"
      Screen-8: Enter the amount "150"
      Screen-9: Enter your four digit pin number to confirm.
      Screen-10: You will recceive a success sms and it is suggested to preserve it
      for future reference.
    3. [ answer should include amount paid, date of payment, cell number from which the payment deposited, transaction ID , ( Ex. BDT 150.00/6th May/017xxxxxxxx/PPPP)]

    4. Information Desk
      For any further information contact with

      1.Abrar Hafiz Rabbani
      General Secretary
      Notre Dame Science Club
      2.Naimul Hasan Ifti
      President (Administration)
      Notre Dame Science Club