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Intellectual Work of the Members Throughout the Year

From the very beginning, Notre Dame Science Club is working on various sectors to implement the benefits of science in human welfare. Among all the sectors Notre Dame Science Club is dealing with, publication is a prominent one. These publications elivate the fame of club upto a whole new level. Every publication of Notre Dame Science Club acts as a platform for the young folks who wants to flourish their talents but didn’t find a good scope to do so.


Right after the annual science fair and GKC, the club publishes its annual magazine ‘AUDRI’. In this, the club’s yearly work description regarding festival information and the whole annual report is given. Scientific writings from many intellectuals as well as from our members are published here too. Notre Dame Science Club makes a platform for the members to spread their works to many peoples. Audri is the only club publication which is distributed not only within our college but also among students of other institutions too. Our members express their creativity and talents through their writings.


Abishkar is a scientific wall magazine. It is published every year during the orientation of the new students. Every year a new one is placed changing the previous one. It’s main aim is to emphasize on recent discoveries which made a great impact on the world. This is a platform for our students to show their skills to other ones.


One of the most attractive publication of the club is Trimatrik. It is a 3D wall magazine. Like Abishkar and Focus, it is also put up for display on the orientation program for one year till the next batch comes. Trimatrik’s contents are divided into 4 sections: about our club, a biography, photo gallery and journal. The contents of the whole magazine is written and it’s design is made by our members. It helps them to display their talents to the whole college and visitors from outside the college too.


Focus is another scientific wall magazine. It is also an annual publication of Notre Dame Science Club which is published every year parallel to Abishkar. The main objective of Focus is to take the focus of the audience into some specific topic which are recently brought under human consciousness. This too is also made by our members.

Wall Magazine

wall magazine

Wall Magazine of Notre Dame Science Club depicts its summary of the whole year in a single frame. Like other publications, the total work is done by the members. Wall Magazine is put up for display for one year and is being replaced every year. It contains the Odyssey of the club, annual report, acknowledgement, some journals and photos covering the recent activities.